think of ...


i sit around

just wondering 

don't know what to do

so i just think of all the times we had

just me and u

i try to figure out just y

the distance between us grew

mostly i wonder

if u think of me too

how is it possible that i could hurt thids way

u knew i neede u

and u still went away

and no one else in the whole world

will care the way i do

but mostly i wanna to know

it u think of me too

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  • james
    2004.10.15 16:18:42
    In every heart there is a fire That burns to never ease. That fire is a lover's flame That burns to never cease. Yet, sometimes in spite of this love, The embers may burn out, But no matter how hard it's blown, Another flame will sprout. Love will conqure all that hurts; It's medicine to our soul. It sends emotions to the heart, To love again, is its goal. You will be alright! I have a good feeling about it. I hope i am not wrong. Be well.