KaoHsiung Delicious List 高雄美食介紹

【KaoHsiung Delicious #1】魚鑫漁夫料理(Yu-Xin Fisherman cuisine)

Today we visited the Yu-Xin fisherman cuisine located in Yan-chang district.
A distinguishing feature is private home cuisine from ocean to land by captain Saburo who fishing many years.
Especially because this position he can take many unusual ingredient, this is rarely tasting with the great cooking skill by the captain.

Picking and dealing with catch are all by the captain Saburo, fresh is the most important thing.
With well-experienced, he pick the best goods, and the price of every dish are between NT.100~150. Today we four people order five dishes seafood plus one soup it just cost NT.800, it's very worth!

KaoHsiung Delicious List 高雄美食介紹
Shao-Yu-Fan(BBQ Fish Rice) NT$30。specially made and preserve with salt + charbroil + gherkin and dry fish floss, with NT.30's fish head bitter gourd soup. Even eat alone are appropriate.

To Be Continue....


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