WhyKundli Matching by name and date of birth is considered most accurate?

What is Kundli Matching?

Marriage in Hinduism is one of the 16 Sanskaras according to Vedas. Sanskara plays a very unique role in Hindu texts, they certainly one of the celebrated elements. To conclude upon the auspiciousness of marriage, horoscope charts are matched which is called Kundli matching. It is based on the Astakoot system according to Vedic Astrology. It calculates the Gunas, which is a maximum of 36. Gunaisan important factor to decide the marriage. Kundli matching is done by matching the points of the birth chart of the groom and bride. Anything below 18, is considered to be an inauspicious match and marriage is not recommended and points from 18-25 are considered good. Although points above 25 are considered as the best of matches. Kundli also reveals the doshas present in the birth chart, however, there are different remedies to address such issues in a horoscope according to Astrology. Some of the very serious Doshas like Manglik and NadiDosha also have certain remedies available to fix the probable issues.Kundli is matched sometimes based onthe birth time and date only, while the other times are based on name also. But Kundli Matching by name and date of birth both are considered to be the most accurate one. As it takes into consideration all the planetary positions. It is also believed that Kundli matching can lead to a joyous and successful marriage of the prospective couple.



Significance of Kundli Matching by name and date of birth?


More than ever, marriage has in changing times too have kept the intactness of the centuries-old culture and also there are scientific pieces of evidence to support the science of Astrology. With the changing social conditions and upliftment of women in the society significantly, we all are much informed to make a sound decision. Hence when in an arranged marriage, the bride and groom don’t get much time to get to know each other well, Kundli Matching by name and date of birth assures to give a genuine reading of the future possibilities and auspiciousness of marriage match. Parents also want to be assured of the possibility of the favourable outcome of the marriage of the prospective couple. Kundli matching just makes it easier. A skilled or learned Astrologer is the best option to consult for detailed and reliable results.


Discovering The True Partner With Kundli Matching by name and date of birth



According to Vedic Astrology, marriage is a very sacred and holy bond of two different people coming together for being each other soul-mates and to lead a happily married life. The idea of marriage is given a higher value in Vedas. There are some very different names given to Kundli matching such as Guna Milan, Kundli Milan, or JanamKundli Milan. The most important thing to be considered while matching Kundli are:

  • ManglikDosha
  • Guna Milan
  • Navamsa chart